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A desperate woman hides out in a heat-scorched town on the deserted plains. But her secret boils over and now she must face a crazed killer whose only motive is blood, murder and revenge.

“Loved this follow up to Dead Air by JJ Gould. His creative writing style is full of voice and has character development at every turn – I find myself feeling empathetic or even angry with characters after just a few paragraphs! I hope there are more. Extremely good book. “




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    Buckle up and get ready for a great ride! Dead Heat is a great read. Fast paced, exciting, drama, humor and just plain fun! I enjoyed it, and read it in two days, could not put it down. Can’t wait to jump into the third in the series. Great writing Mr. Gould, you are a talent!

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    Even better than Dead Air! Very enjoyable read. I read the author first book “Dead Air” which brought me to this one. Being from South Dakota myself and familiar with Mr. Gould , the books piqued my interest. I love how he gradually brings all the players together and builds into a crescendo and a great ending. The book gives good insight as to how radio stations (especially small town radio) works, and he uses his knowledge of radio to create the setting of a crime scene at a station. My only caveat is that he is a bit hard on SD (especially small town) and it’s residents. At times it seems like he is describing a waste land full of idiots and outlaws. I know the book is fiction, and I know the author does not think this, but I fear others may get the wrong impression. SD is a beautiful state full of good people. Read the authors series, then come see it for yourself!

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    Great read. I enjoyed Dead Heat. Fast paced, exciting plot and interesting characters. Looking forward to the next part of Stan Martin’s life. Thanks Mr. Gould.

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