Month: October 2022

  • Changing with the Change of Change

    I stayed at a hotel in Dallas (the same one shown in the opening credits of innumerable episodes of Dallas, a 40-year-old TV show) and looking out my window could easily see the layers of Change. The Gothic-fonted Dallas Morning News building (147 years old), next to the WFAA radio station (100 years old, and the […]

  • S4-41 The Surprising Power of Stuff

    Stuff can be expensive and strangely powerful. Before you retire- consider the power of Stuff.

  • S4- 40- Never Settle for Cute

    A common condescension is having someone look at your life and sad: “Oh, isn’t that cute?” When you leave your job, here are some things to beware of to avoid a life that is “cute”.