Month: December 2022

  • Candle Power

    Single column white candle with soft flame in front of holiday greenery and pinecone

    As you read this, you are probably in the same boat I am—you are BUSY. Sometimes we equate busy with stressed, and sometimes we equate stressed with frailty. To paraphrase Elton John: Seems to me we live our lives like a candle in the windNever knowing where to turn to when the rains come in.Which […]

  • The Dinosaur Envelope: 10 Stories In One Little Picture

    Front of Orange Manilla Envelope addressed with three stamps in upper right corner

    Story 1My parents fully believed that stamps were THE collectable. Every time a new stamp was released, Mom would buy a full page and store them. They are now mine. Thousands of them. Story 2It’s very easy to figure out the value of a stamp today. You look at the number on the stamp and […]