A Prairie Christmas


“A Prairie Christmas” marries warm storytelling and music. These stories of faith, hope, love and nostalgia, combined with traditional holiday favorites, engage audiences and truly spread the Christmas spirit.

Stories of Faith, Hope, & Love

A well-written letter it seems- is a long-lost art. Listen to letter written by a Civil War officer to his bride and hear its power
A recipient of charitable gifts decides to meet his donors and discovers two women who were very wealthy in very different ways.  
A poignant memory of a son and parent who switch roles after a farm accident.  
The history of Away in a Manger and a sick little boy who loved to hear it.  
A whimsical memory of a stubborn little girl who wanted a pig for Christmas, and the help that came from an unexpected place.  
There are three Christmases we celebrate, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Which one is most important?  

Join our series of one-hour programs that air between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Listed are the states and hours that aired in 2018.

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“Like so many others, I’ve been listening to your show since the first show. Some of the stories make me cry and many of them remind me of my own past Christmases. The Christmas music and your daughters both make it special, but make no mistake…I could listen to you talk all day. You’ve got a wonderful radio voice. Great story teller. Thanks for showing up every year!”

Trudy Pederson-Papka

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