Live Stage Show


A Prairie Christmas-On Stage is the latest evolution of a Christmas tradition! Long time broadcaster and storyteller Jeff Gould brings his annual holiday radio program to the stage.

Fun and interactive, A Prairie Christmas-On Stage, is a fast-paced, fun and heartfelt sleigh ride packed with hilarious stories, poignant memories and nostalgic moments that promise to make this the highlight of the season and a guaranteed way to get into the spirit of Christmas.


December 17, 2023
@ 12:30pm
El Riad Shrine Sioux Falls, SD Visit
for tickets.
December 3, 2023
@ 2:00pm
Lake Area Technical College Watertown, SD Buy tickets at any Watertown County Fair Foods, HyVee or Cenex.
December 23, 2023
@ 7:00pm
Sioux Falls Hilton Garden Inn South Sioux Falls, SD CLICK HERE >

Stay tuned for new show dates and broadcasting details. For tickets, or to host your own live stage show,
contact Bob Uecker at (605) 366-3206.

Expand your heart and holiday spirit with a Christmas tradition the whole family will cherish.

“Heard your show last year on 103.7 and LOVED it. Was so hoping they would have it gain this year and they did not disappoint. Have to say that we even skipped going to see the sunset and even some T.V. programs so we didn’t miss any of the show. Thanks for making Christmas so special for us.”



Stories of Faith, Hope, & Love

Step into the holiday spirit with these warm, nostalgic stories that allow the real meaning of Christmas to shine through.

Delivered from Thanksgiving to Christmas, these timeless classics have been gathered over decades, helping families through some of the toughest times of their lives. Gould shares wit and wisdom from the heart. Each A Prairie Christmas episode showcases faith, hope and love that will open your heart and spirit, and bring back memories of your favorite Christmas traditions. Listen here or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform!

Colorful Buttons
A nine year old girl decides to make her mother a dress for Christmas and the story that ensues is both hilarious and heartwarming.    
Sometimes the plans God has are not at all what we want. The story of some very disappointed teenagers and a hardened old woman named Mary Miracle.  
Christmas means Winter, and for many who grew up in the northern climes that usually means sledding. Here’s a memoir about the biggest hill in the neighborhood and
A whimsical memory of a stubborn little girl who wanted a pig for Christmas, and the help that came from an unexpected place.  
There are three Christmases we celebrate, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Which one is most important?  
A well-written letter it seems- is a long-lost art. Listen to letter written by a Civil War officer to his bride and hear its power more than 150

“Like so many others, I’ve been listening to your show since the first show. Some of the stories make me cry and many of them remind me of my own past Christmases. The Christmas music and your daughters both make it special, but make no mistake…I could listen to you talk all day. You’ve got a wonderful radio voice. Great story teller. Thanks for showing up every year!”

Trudy Pederson-Papka