About Jeff

Author. Speaker. Broadcaster.

As a professional author, speaker and broadcaster, Jeff Gould uses storytelling to guide and encourage communities and individuals to live with meaning, balance and purpose. Using stories gathered during decades of helping families through some of the toughest times of their lives, Jeff speaks with honesty, wit and wisdom.

Originally from the Twin Cities, Jeff is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and Brown Institute. His hobbies include fixing up a 130-year-old house, woodworking, reading and spending time with his wife, Libby, and their four grown daughters.


The Purpose of a Story

“Like so many others, I’ve been listening to your show since the first show. Some of the stories make me cry and many of them remind me of my own past Christmases. The Christmas music and your daughters both make it special, but make no mistake…I could listen to you talk all day. You’ve got a wonderful radio voice. Great story teller. Thanks for showing up every year!”

Trudy Pederson-Papka

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