America’s Story


This popular keynote shares remarkable story of America, as only Jeff Gould can tell it. Uplifting, touching and profound, it is a presentation that inspires listeners to consider the sacrifice and blessing of our nation’s history. 

Perfect for community events, fundraisers, or corporate gatherings, America’s Story is a powerful presentation that will remind all Americans of our gifts, responsibilities, challenges and opportunities as Americans.

America’s Story 250

Our Nation’s Semiquincentennial

America’s Story is a powerful program of stories, history poetry and music, that has inspired all who hear it. America’s Story 250 is a 501(c)(3) corporation whose goal is to inspire, teach and reinvigorate all Americans.


Promoting the video through influencers and social media posts encouraging people to hear the story in small snippets, or in its entirety.

To reach out to history and civics teachers and equip them with a simple class exercise to promote thoughtful in-class discussion.

To travel to all 50 states because a live performance has greater impact and more connection other influencers.

The hard task is to tell the story in short form- to break down America’s Story into small pieces to fit the busyness and attention span of most Americans.

As was stated, the goal is large. To reach all Americans will require much support and coordination. The project is designed to be scalable and will grow to fit the support. We have had a number of interested parties asking for details, and will fill all the demands as support allows. At the end of the project (or me!) all excess funds will be donated to non-profit veterans programs as determined by the Board.

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To support the dream of America’s Story (a 501(c)(3) corporation) with the same level of commitment as the 56 original signers of the Declaration of Independence.

$25,000 or above

Using the connections of area influencers to reach national and regional stages, promote the concept and gather national support.

$10,000 or above

To “pay it forward” to future generations.

$1,000 or above per grandchild

To sponsor a presentation of America’s Story in a given location.

$7,500 or above

“Out of many, One.” The unofficial motto of the United States shows the power of the individual supporter. A donation to our 501c3 foundation includes a signed commemorative challenge coin.

$250 or above

To sponsor your own live show, contact Bob Uecker at (605) 336-3206.
Inspire your heart and be reminded of our nation’s history of sacrifice and blessing.

“I can’t believe how much I needed to hear this.
Thank you so much!”