Art and the Outdated

Art is creating something original or unexpected that pleases ourselves.

Here is the story of this lamp:

My grandfather worked with wood as a hobby. He passed the hobby on to his son and his son passed it on to me. I not only have the knowledge, I also have many of the tools.

Like the Stanley Marsh Miter Box that hung on the wall in my shop for many years unused.

In the old days, you could clamp two pieces of wood into the mechanism and with a fine-toothed backsaw, hand cut a perfect 45-degree angle, perfect for making picture frames. Solidly made of heavy cast-iron components, it was an expensive addition to a framers shop, and would still work perfectly-except for one thing: I use an electric chop saw which is much faster and even a little bit more accurate.

So it sat gathering dust on my shop wall:

    No one looked at it

    No one knew what it was.

    No one appreciated its craftsmanship

So I made it into a lamp.

Now people:

    Look at it and ask what it was

    Turn the handle and smile when the light goes on

    Ask me where I got it

    See it as one-of- a-kind

In all ways, this lamp provided me with the feeling of creating something a little surprising and pleasing to the eye.

So- I guess it’s art 🙂