The first in a series of four, this book delights and instructs the reader with stories, anecdotes and advice for the first 25 years of life.

It’s based on lessons learned from families after the loss of a loved one. “For 15 years, I worked in funeral service. The stories I write about are excellent teachers for those who want to live a full and rewarding life,” says Jeff Gould.

I Like That Story, Book One is divided into seven chapters on topics such as relationships, careers, money, family and more. Jeff’s uniquely midwestern wit, wisdom and ironic take on these stories shines through, creating memorable and compelling advice.

“Heartland, is a thoughtful collection filled with meaningful musings, wit, and wisdom. Whether reading from cover to cover or just a page or two, the truths told are valuable life lessons.”


Writing As JJ Gould



Under a pen name, JJ Gould, Jeff has written and published a series of mysteries: Dead Air, Dead Heat and Dead End. These compelling tales are set in the midwest, where beneath the polite cultural veneer, mystery, murder and mayhem await.

Dead Air

A desperate and dying town seems blinded by the promise of a brand new casino and the charismatic charm of its promoter, a retired NBA star. But disturbing events sweep across the frozen prairie, stranding the town in a blizzard of blood, murder and betrayal.

Dead Heat

A desperate woman hides out in a heat-scorched town on the deserted Plains. But her secret boils over and now she must face a crazed killer whose only motive is blood, murder and revenge.

Dead End

In early November, the dying Plains town of Dansing, South Dakota, sees the coming of winter and violence. Strangers looking for stolen Nazi gold hidden decades ago will stop at nothing to find it.

““Awesome author breaks through! This JJ Gould guy is really making some inroads into the “awesome authors” category! These first two books just fly by and introduce us to a whole new area of the country with fascinating narratives, snappy characters and a pace that leaves us begging for his next book. This is can’t-miss reading, right up there with the best of them!”


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