I Like That Story


Each I Like That Story episode showcases the wisdom, humor and insight of Jeff Gould. Episodes are brief, inspirational and on-point stories, delivered every Monday morning to start off your week right. Listen here or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform!


“I’ve been listening for quite a while and it’s been over a year since posting a review. Each ‘Story’ has continued to touch me deeply in some way. They are the best few minutes of my morning while making my coffee! Each Story starts my day out thoughtfully well!”

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Father’s Wisdom


Raising kids is tough! Packed schedules, anxiety and expectations weigh on parents, causing guilt and stress. Father’s Wisdom, from Jeff Gould and Jim Rieffenberger, offers stories and insights from the Father’s Wisdom.net parenting course. Each 10-minute episode offers effective strategies to improve communication, build relationships and teach wisdom.

“Jeff and Jim bring a lot of good practical wisdom to help us be better fathers. Thank you and keep up the great, important work!”

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Talent Code Profile

Business Coaching

Hosted by Jeff Gould and featuring Business Coach Jim Rieffenberger, the Talent Code Profile is a unique personality test and system designed to help grow your confidence, improve your relationships and build your future. Each podcast describes a work issue, the pain point, the Talent Code Profile and the solutions.


“Jeff is such a powerful and inspirational speaker who has inspired me every time I hear him speak. His words are very thought provoking and even when the sessions are over I am left thinking about what gifts I might have to give and how I can go about sharing them.”