Dead Air


The perfect place to commit the perfect crime. John Dormeier liked the town of Dansing, South Dakota after one hunting trip there. It has everything he needs: lots of land for sale, people ready to trust his casino project because of his celebrity reputation, and a means to escape the relentless eyes of the press. As a retired NBA player, John wants some time out of the spotlight. Especially for what he plans to do next. Meanwhile, reporter Stan Martin thinks Dormeier’s proposal to build a casino in the middle of a dying town stinks to high heaven, even if he can’t prove it yet. But as he uncovers the secrets behind the former basketball star’s grand schemes, he comes face-to-face with scandal, betrayal and cold-blooded murder.


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“JJ is the master at telling a great, suspenseful tale with wonderfully developed characters that are both heroic and flawed, as we all are. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for him to publish more. It’s everything you’re looking for in a fast-moving crime novel. Gould mixes suspense and humor and danger and fun.”