Dead Heat


A killer vows revenge. Dead Heat, the second book in the Dead Air series follows a frightened waitress named Claire hiding in a small town in South Dakota. When her psychopathic boyfriend finds her, he promises to kill her in the most brutal way. Her only allies are a crazy old lady with a penchant for guns and a reporter named Stan Martin who has been framed for a murder he did not commit. Can Claire find the courage, grit and training to kill a man before he kills her?

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“Loved this follow up to Dead Air by JJ Gould. His creative writing style is full of voice and has character development at every turn – I find myself feeling empathetic or even angry with characters after just a few paragraphs! I hope there are more. Extremely good book. “



  1. Anonymous

    Buckle up and get ready for a great ride! Dead Heat is a great read. Fast paced, exciting, drama, humor and just plain fun! I enjoyed it, and read it in two days, could not put it down. Can’t wait to jump into the third in the series. Great writing Mr. Gould, you are a talent!

  2. Anonymous

    Even better than Dead Air! Very enjoyable read. I read the author first book “Dead Air” which brought me to this one. Being from South Dakota myself and familiar with Mr. Gould , the books piqued my interest. I love how he gradually brings all the players together and builds into a crescendo and a great ending. The book gives good insight as to how radio stations (especially small town radio) works, and he uses his knowledge of radio to create the setting of a crime scene at a station. My only caveat is that he is a bit hard on SD (especially small town) and it’s residents. At times it seems like he is describing a waste land full of idiots and outlaws. I know the book is fiction, and I know the author does not think this, but I fear others may get the wrong impression. SD is a beautiful state full of good people. Read the authors series, then come see it for yourself!

  3. Anonymous

    Great read. I enjoyed Dead Heat. Fast paced, exciting plot and interesting characters. Looking forward to the next part of Stan Martin’s life. Thanks Mr. Gould.

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