Insight and Inspiration from the Heartland: Book One


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Jeff’s most recent book is I Like That Story: Insight and Inspiration from the Heartland, Book One. The first in a series of four, the book provides stories, anecdotes and advice for the first 25 years of life.

The book is based on lessons learned from families after the loss of a loved one. “For 15 years, I worked in funeral service. The stories I write about are excellent teachers for those who want to live a full and rewarding life.”

The book is divided into seven chapters on topics such as relationships, careers, money, family and more. Jeff’s uniquely midwestern wit, wisdom and ironic take on these stories shines through, creating memorable and compelling advice.

“Jeff uses a mix of both to sharpen our minds and till our hearts.  While Jeff’s book may be a quick read – it is one that will leave a lifelong mark revealing who I am and how I see others. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”