For more than 20 years, Jeff has spoken to groups nationally on a variety of subjects, from historical lectures, to weddings and funerals, from hands-on sales training, to one-man theatrical productions.

Jeff’s warm and engaging speaking style has been compared to Paul Harvey and Garrison Keillor. His messages are entertaining and valuable, helping people take steps towards living a life of passion and purpose.

“Thanks for being part of our event  last week. Having had an opportunity to visit with our guests after your talk it was clear your stories resonated. Your stories seem to act as a bridge so to speak as a way of opening up meaningful conversations that our clients want to have with us.”

Aaron Ellingsen, Financial Advisor, UBS

Keynotes, Workshops and Trainings


Bring Jeff to speak to your group—of any size—on a wide range of topics, such as the following:

The Paradox of Goals: Why People Don’t Use Them and What to Do About It

It is well known that only four percent of people have written goals. In this presentation, Jeff pinpoints the roadblocks that make goal-setting difficult and offers real, practical steps that remove the fear and pressure and lead to success.

8 Things I Learned from Conducting 500 Funerals and How It Helped Me Live

Jeff Gould has served as a celebrant at funerals for more than 12 years. The lessons he learned from the lives he memorialized has helped thousands live fuller and more complete lives.

How to Succeed in a World That Seems Crazy and Unfair

Getting ahead—in any endeavor—can feel difficult and overwhelming. In this presentation, Jeff uses inspirational stories of those who have lived through turbulent times and achieved their goals. He also shows how these lessons can be applied to situations people face today.

Ten Quotes, Thoughts and Strategies for Living a Life You Enjoy

It’s hard to learn about life while you are busy living it. This talk features thoughtful observations designed to help people in the busiest times of their lives.

How to Transition into a Life of Relevance

It’s surprising how many Americans dream of retiring but have no strategy for living as a retired person. This talk features story after story of people who have done it well, and those who haven’t. It’s not all about money, either!

How to Control What You Can, Learn from What You Can’t, and Live a Life of Peace and Purpose

Have you ever wished you could go back and give the younger version of yourself some advice? Jeff has visited with hundreds of folks in their Golden Years who shared with him their hard-earned wisdom—which he passes on to you.

A Series of Stories to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Stories from Jeff’s popular, syndicated radio show and theatrical program, “A Prairie Christmas,” that are perfect for corporate gatherings. They’re funny, entertaining, uplifting and inspirational.

The Power of Dreams and Memories

An expansion of Jeff Gould’s TEDx Talk of the same title, this talk teaches how Memory  can help us enjoy the life we have and how Dreams can help find a life we want.

Nine Stupid Things Dads Do

You may not be a great father, but by avoiding these stupid things, you may just be good enough!

TEDx Talks

See Jeff’s Speaking

“I recently booked Jeff for a gathering where he made us laugh, ponder life, and even cry a bit (in the best way possible). Jeff’s time before us was truly transformational and his message about experiencing the “golden years” of life right now instead of later has stayed with me and changed the way I think. Jeff is a fantastic communicator for any group and you’ll be so happy you invited him in.”

Jeff Reynolds

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