The Dr Seuss Shovel


Now that Spring is here I have ended the annual argument with my wife Libby that comes with Winter: Why not get a snow blower? Others have weighed in as well. A snow blower is a fast and easy way to rid my 175-foot driveway and various other walkways from snow. And each year I nod and do not get one- for reasons that are both practical and stubborn.

1-It’s a gravel driveway.

If you don’t have a gravel driveway, you should get one. You never have to clean the last flake of snow off after it snows, because you can’t. And you would run the real risk of shooting rock bullets into neighboring windows and cars. No- gravel needs a layer of packed snow on it to work best, which means if it snows less than 3 inches there is no need to remove the snow- just drive on top of it and pack it down.

2- My garage.

Right now I can put both vehicles in my garage like I can put both hands into leather gloves. They just fit and there is no extra room. A snow blower would seriously mess with the system.

3- These shovels.

See the picture above? They’re made in Canada by an outfit called Garant and they are miraculous. The first one my daughters call the Dr Suess shovel because of the bendy handle. I use it to shovel the walks nice and slow, like I was taught by a neighbor a long time ago. Never in a hurry but never stopping either. The other is a more recent acquisition- it’s like a combination scoop shovel and push sled and the fifty-dollar purchase was well worth the price. With these babies I can clear my driveway and sidewalk in one leisurely hour. An hour with no noise, or interruptions or cell phones or emails. A still and quiet time that I enjoy.

4-My future.

I am realistic. One of these days, I will no longer be able to do it. I’ll get sick or the joints will hurt too much, or I will be too weak old and feeble. At that time, I will look around the landscape of young whippersnappers strolling around with no pain and little effort and I will be envious wishing I still hand the strength that I happen to enjoy right now.


So until that day comes, I will shovel my snow by hand-