• The Christmas Dress

    Colorful Buttons

    A nine year old girl decides to make her mother a dress for Christmas and the story that ensues is both hilarious and heartwarming.    

  • When a Mission Trip Fails

    Sometimes the plans God has are not at all what we want. The story of some very disappointed teenagers and a hardened old woman named Mary Miracle.  

  • The Hill

    Christmas means Winter, and for many who grew up in the northern climes that usually means sledding. Here’s a memoir about the biggest hill in the neighborhood and all the children who tested their bravery on it.  

  • A Pig for Christmas

    A whimsical memory of a stubborn little girl who wanted a pig for Christmas, and the help that came from an unexpected place.  

  • A Handful of Peanuts

    There are three Christmases we celebrate, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Which one is most important?  

  • The Christmas Tree Miracle

    I thought I’d share a favorite story from my syndicated radio show, A Prairie Christmas. When I was a kid I had an unusual perspective on Christmas trees, because our family sold them from our small farm. Not many, to be sure, only about 75-100 per season—yet we had a loyal following of customers who […]

  • Civil War Letter

    A well-written letter it seems- is a long-lost art. Listen to letter written by a Civil War officer to his bride and hear its power more than 150 years after it was written.  

  • Two Wealthy Widows

    A recipient of charitable gifts decides to meet his donors and discovers two women who were very wealthy in very different ways.  

  • Hay Bales

    Hay bales in golden field at sunset

    A poignant memory of a son and parent who switch roles after a farm accident.  

  • Away In a Manger

    The history of Away in a Manger and a sick little boy who loved to hear it.