• The Treasure Next Door

    stock photo of two middle aged women meeting together outside for coffee

    “Hey, good neighbor!” This used to be a greeting—not by me, maybe not even my parents, but my grandparents might say, “Hey, good neighbor!” I was little when I first heard it, and never thought about it until a couple of days ago, when three names and three stories came to mind.   Neighbor One […]

  • A Great Story For February

    I Like That Story Mug sitting next to a journal with hand written notes on top of a wooden table

    The purpose of this story is the sound that goes with it. A story and sound that began more than 90 years ago. Let me set up the scenario for you: This is a picture of my grandparents’ dining room set, which was a wedding present they gave each other when they were married in 1931. Libby […]

  • The Kissing General

    Middle aged Man with silver hair wearing a red sweater being kissed on the cheek by older woman with silver hear wearing a blue dress

    There is no time machine. There will be no do-overs. For that reason, when I see a person who has lived life to the fullest measure, I stop and take notes. I met Brigadier General U.S. Army (RET) Myrna H. Williamson at one of my on-stage Christmas shows. She was a charmer. The general graduated […]

  • Candle Power

    Single column white candle with soft flame in front of holiday greenery and pinecone

    As you read this, you are probably in the same boat I am—you are BUSY. Sometimes we equate busy with stressed, and sometimes we equate stressed with frailty. To paraphrase Elton John: Seems to me we live our lives like a candle in the windNever knowing where to turn to when the rains come in.Which […]

  • The Dinosaur Envelope: 10 Stories In One Little Picture

    Front of Orange Manilla Envelope addressed with three stamps in upper right corner

    Story 1My parents fully believed that stamps were THE collectable. Every time a new stamp was released, Mom would buy a full page and store them. They are now mine. Thousands of them. Story 2It’s very easy to figure out the value of a stamp today. You look at the number on the stamp and […]

  • The Top 100 Books

    There’s a list somewhere of the best 100 books ever written. I saw it in an in-flight magazine. Someone was selling leather-bound editions of the 100 books that you could impress your friends with when you have them over for a charcuterie board (meat and cheese tray) and a drink (booze). You (wearing a smoking […]

  • Changing with the Change of Change

    I stayed at a hotel in Dallas (the same one shown in the opening credits of innumerable episodes of Dallas, a 40-year-old TV show) and looking out my window could easily see the layers of Change. The Gothic-fonted Dallas Morning News building (147 years old), next to the WFAA radio station (100 years old, and the […]

  • “I’m BOOOORED”

    Little Girl Putting Laundry In Drying Machine

    1. Really Old Story Back in the days of my youth, BAC (before air conditioning), summers were a long, dry, suffocating eternity, stretching out like a dusty gravel road, where I would plod one dusty bored foot in front of the other, the drone of cicadas the perfect boring accompaniment to my boring walk, through […]

  • The Guy from Costco

    There are two kinds of people: Those who love goals and swear by them and those who have been trapped by goals and swear at them. I’m more like the second group. So for those of us looking for a little motivation, here are three short stories, two observations, one takeaway and one suggestion. Plus […]

  • You Deserve More Than a Bucket List

    There is a famous book out called The Experience Economy. I had a chance to hear one of the authors lecture on the topic. He said (truthfully) that Americans, especially those over 50, are driven more by experiences than goods, services or commodities and he used coffee to explain the difference: Coffee beans start out […]

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