Talking about TED Talks

I did a TED Talk- well technically it’s a TEDx talk, which means it’s like playing in the minor leagues instead of the majors, but it’s still a pretty big deal, and I was thrilled to go.


I mean why would anyone want to drive 80 to 300 miles to go see me talk to a group of strangers? It turns out my daughter Meridith heard about it and wanted to go.

“Well,” I thought- “that sounds good, I mean if she wantsto go…”

Long story short- they all went! And by all, I mean Libby, Mallory and her husband, Kyle, Maggie, Meridith and her boyfriend Zach, and Madeline, all drove between two and five hours to watch me give a 20 minute talk. The funny thing to me was that they wantedto go.

The amazing thing was that they enjoyedit.

And the very greatest thing was that this dream of mine to do a TED talk was even better than I could have imagined.

The picture you see was taken just before I gave the talk- a selfie- an absolute perfect representation of the moment and why it is the screen saver on my computer

Lesson: to have a family or be part of a family is one of the most powerful things on earth. They are well, well worth the time, sacrifice and effort.


In a perfect world, you could click on this link and watch the talk J