Funny Gas Sign

Why This Sign Made Me Think…and Then Laugh

Probably not a good idea while driving, but I’m one of those guys who reads signs- a bad habit I picked up as a kid riding in the back seat and one I can’t break.

Billboards- I read every word, decide if it “works”- look at the layout, wonder if it could be better. Give it a grade.

Road signs– Yes I even read mile markers! I read “You are now entering county” border signs and then look across the road and see if traffic going the other way sees a similar sign for what county I’m just leaving.

Historical Markers– I’ve circled back as much as 4 miles because I just can’t not know what was historically being marked.

I even read semi trucks- I read the back to see how much they’re offering drivers to “Join their team”, I read the diamond shaped signs to see what hazards they carry and I even read the stuff printed on the flat bed itself, to see if I can guess what’s underneath the tarp.

And I especially read sign boards, to see what quip or special the store wants me to know about.

So when I read this sign board:


…you can bet I thought about it. How True! How many times have I based my llife not on what makes me happy, but on what other people have. I thought about it through slow traffic for about three miles.
I decided it was probably the smartest thing I would read that week, and then decided I would tell you about it, then decided I would delay my next appointment just to loop back and take a picture of the sign.

And then that’s when I laughed. You see just that morning I noticed gas prices had dropped a bit and had filled up on gas as I was leaving the house-

For $2.10.