Meet Jeff Gould


Jeff is a gifted storyteller—and a speaker, author and broadcaster—who writes and speaks with honesty, wit and wisdom.

An experienced communicator, Jeff uses storytelling to guide and encourage people to live with meaning, balance and purpose. His warm and engaging style has been compared to Paul Harvey and Garrison Keillor.

What’s New

I stayed at a hotel in Dallas (the same one shown in the opening credits of innumerable episodes of Dallas, a 40-year-old TV show) and looking
A nine year old girl decides to make her mother a dress for Christmas and the story that ensues is both hilarious and heartwarming.  
The story of America is an inspirational one for all generations. Jeff's take is moving and impactful for everyone that

“Jeff has a unique gift of being able to tell a story so vividly while wrapping nuggets of wisdom that relate to life experiences into his message. If you are looking for a speaker to move your audience through stories that connect, entertain, and provide tangible lessons, you will find this in Jeff Gould.”

Sheila Anderson, Return on Image

Powerful and Engaging Storytelling


Bring Jeff Gould to your event for authentic, entertaining and inspirational speaking.

For more than 20 years, Jeff has spoken to groups nationwide on a variety of subjects, always offering his unique perspective on living a life of passion and purpose. Audiences love his genuine and humorous approach and to his unique mix of wit, wisdom and humor.

I Like That Story


Jeff’s most recent book is I Like That Story: Insight and Inspiration from the Heartland, Book One. The first in a series of four, the book provides stories, anecdotes and advice for the first 25 years of life.The book is divided into seven chapters on topics such as relationships, careers, money, family and more. Jeff’s uniquely midwestern wit, wisdom and ironic take on these stories shines through, creating memorable and compelling advice.

A Prairie Christmas


If you’ve ever felt that the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost amidst the whirlwind of sales, gifts, parties and pressure, you’ll appreciate these heartwarming stories. Jeff’s spot-on storytelling brings out the Christmas spirit in all of us.

Syndicated in more than 50 markets nationwide, “A Prairie Christmas” radio program offers listeners stories of faith, hope, love and nostalgia with a musical backdrop of favorite Christmas classics.


A nine year old girl decides to make her mother a dress for Christmas and the story that ensues is both hilarious and heartwarming.  
Sometimes the plans God has are not at all what we want. The story of some very disappointed teenagers and a hardened old woman named
Christmas means Winter, and for many who grew up in the northern climes that usually means sledding. Here’s a memoir about the biggest hill in



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“Like so many others, I’ve been listening to your show since the first show. Some of the stories make me cry and many of them remind me of my own past Christmases. The Christmas music and your daughters both make it special, but make no mistake…I could listen to you talk all day. You’ve got a wonderful radio voice. Great story teller. Thanks for showing up every year!”

Trudy Pederson-Papka