Empty Gas Tank I Like That Story Jeff Gould

“Nahh, I’m Good!”…

These three words have gotten me in so much trouble!!

“Jeff, you need help moving that refrigerator?”
“Nahh, I’m good…”

“Jeff, have you ever moved a house before? Do you need building permits?”
 “Nahh, I’m good…”

“Jeff, before you take that job, I know someone who can…”
 “Nahh, I’m good…” 

“Are you sure this gravel road is the right one? Maybe we should ask for directions…”
 “Nahh, I’m good…”

As I look back on these calamities I wonder if “Nah I’m good” could also be translated as

“I know all about this.” 
“Who are you to question my decision?” 
“I can do it myself,” and even, 
“I am not worth your time and inconvenience.” 

As my mother would say, ”Too soon old, too late smart.” So for next few turns of the journey, let’s look at free advice in a different way:

– Most people are uncomfortable sticking their nose into your business and are only offering advice because they think you could use the help. 

– Nobody ever did anything of permanence or importance without the help of others. Why would you or I be any different?

When I speak to groups, I’ve said the easiest way forward was the three-word phrase, “Ask for help.” Now I think it’s even easier than that: “Accept help when offered.” 

That may look like:

– Reading the book someone suggests.

– Following the advice of someone you admire.

– Agreeing to meet with the person who seems to have solved the problem that you face.

– Remembering the unwanted suggestion by the rude busybody that may have a grain of truth in it (that’s a hard one!).

The weird thing is that I Like That Story exists because I want to use meaningful stories to offer help and guidance. But I freely admit that I Like That Story would not exist if not for the many people who have gone out of their way to offer help and guidance to me.