On Birthdays and Other Celebrations

A friend of mine once gave me the secret of slowing summer down- Anticipation.

“Think about it.” He said, “When you were a kid, you couldn’t wait for Christmas, Summer vacation, your birthday, visiting relatives, whatever. You’d ask how many days it was, how long would it take, you would anticipate.”

I nodded- it made sense.

“Now it’s go-go-go. No time to think or plan, the weeks fly by and so does summer. So do the other seasons, so does life.”

“So what do you do?”

He smiled- “I now anticipate better. I circle dates, I plan, I imagine, I pack, I make lists of what I will do when that date comes- just like when I was a kid!”

So I tried it. I decided to go see a Twins game. I called a buddy. I talked to my two son-in-laws. I picked a day. I looked at tickets and prices and hotels. I circled a date and planned and waited. And waited.

This picture is taken the day before we left. It was a glorious summer evening, one of many, many more to come this summer, one of the longest summers I can remember.

I have already circled three more dates on my calendar for this summer and fall.

I Can Not WAIT ?