Speaking Series


Created by Jeff Gould, America’s Storyteller, these are a series of keynotes or workshops (tailored to age, individuals or groups) that clarify purpose, calm anxiety and create passion using the most effective tool available — story.

• Seeking Purpose: The First Quarter of Life
• Seeking Relationships: The Second Quarter of Life
• Seeking Significance: The Third Quarter of Life
• Seeking Honor: The Fourth Quarter of Life

Stories of Purpose


A keynote or workshop that clarifies purpose for those starting out in life, with solid strategies to handle anxiety, clarify purpose, and create energy and passion using the most effective tool available — story.

Available: Keynote, Virtual or On-site Workshop

Boot Money

Justine was named after her father Justin, a farmer who read The Wall Street Journal and had a sharp mind for figures.

He also trusted his namesake, sending her off to college at the age of 16 (she graduated from high school early) with a single check for the entire anticipated four-year-cost of her college degree…

Five Close Friends

I’m stealing this exercise from a friend of mine named Jim Rieffenberger, which proves he’s a friend because he’s okay with it. It works best if you use it on a younger person.

Take a deck of playing cards and deal out five face down, a set of five for everyone who is playing the game…

The Dorito Diabetic

Ellen, Kate and John all went to the same high school. Kate was pretty and started dating John in high school.

They became a couple and got married. Ellen dated some men but, for reasons that make sense only in the passing of time, never did marry. Kate became a nurse, John got into construction work, and from a distance Ellen heard about how things fell apart.

Stories of Relationships


Relationships are the key to true prosperity. Most failings are not about money or success, but about failed relationships. Jeff Gould, co-author of the parenting guide Father’s Wisdom, offers this keynote or workshop, with solid strategies on improving relationships and building stronger families using the most effective tool available — story.

Available: Keynote, Virtual or On-site Workshop

The Doting Dad

In the mid-70s, Tom and Maureen were well off and lived in suburbia. They had one of those modern Brady Bunch houses that begged for children and a station wagon, but they had a problem. Try as they might, they could not conceive. After several years of trying, they decided to adopt. Adoption was expensive, but not if you had a good job and were motivated…

Two Sentence Pay Raise

If you still have kids at home, you may be looking for a way to boost their future careers. Most of us have this sort of convoluted path laid out. If they get good grades and if they do well in extracurricular activities and if they score well on their ACT or SAT exams and if the college gives a good enough scholarship…

The Truth About Attractive

This story is for women and those who love them. Most days of the week I go to a gym. I find it helps me relax and feel better. I go at a pace right for me and between machines I get a chance to look around and observe. I’m not the best at ages and weights, but here goes…

Stories of Significance


The purpose of retirement is not fun, or relaxation but Joy. Jeff Gould, co-creator of the How to Retire into a Life of Purpose and Passion retreat takes excerpts from this 3-day event for keynote or workshop. Includes solid strategies to help you discern your true talents and clarify the path to a truly joyous retirement using the most effective tool available — story.

Available: Keynote, Virtual or On-site Workshop

Living the Good Life

When I talked to Marjorie on the phone, I heard a pleasant voice, tinged with humor.

“I can’t say I’m old…but I might be getting there.”

I laughed with her. How true that is. Old is a relative term. It used to mean 30 years old, but over the years I find myself adjusting the number higher…

Closet Stuffer

His life was completely ordinary. Maybe even less than ordinary. There was no reason to have paid any attention to it, really. He was 75 years old when he died and the only reason I happened to run across his story was because I was called to officiate at his funeral.

The most remarkable thing about him was not about what he learned or what he did. It was what he had…

Hey! Look up!

I had a chance to tour a cancer hospital recently. It was brand new and in a word stunning. It was there was a lot of light, lots of windows, very high ceilings and lots and lots of mobile’s hanging from the ceiling. Pictures of little kids smiling, puppy dogs, outdoor scenes. It looked more like a resort than a hospital…

Stories of Honor


Why are so many retired people, embittered and lonely? Jeff Gould, the Creator of The Wisdom Project uses this keynote or workshop to offer solid strategies on sharing wisdom and gaining honor in what can be the very finest quarter of our lives. This keynote or workshop highlights those in the fourth quarter of life, with solid strategies to clarify what a truly joyous retirement is using the most effective tool available — story.

Available: Keynote, Virtual or On-site Workshop

How to Pay a Grandson

The funeral was for a 21-year-old who was bi-polar. His medications weren’t sufficient to manage his emotional pain. So he got hold of some Fentanyl and misjudged the dosage. Now his family was left to manage pain of their own. The oldest brother traveled in from Florida. He had left home at the age of 16…

The Kissing General

There is no time machine- there will be no do-overs for the next 20 years of your life. For that reason, when I see a person who has lived life to the fullest measure – I stop and take notes- I met Brigadier General US Army (RET) Myrna H Williamson at one of my on-stage Christmas shows. She is a charmer…

Finding Value In Time

So I met a guy who had a career in mergers and acquisitions. As a businessman, his job was to find companies, assess their real value, make an offer, buy the company and do all the paperwork necessary to make it legal. I assumed he was successful at it because he was good with numbers and very detailed…

“I have already bought a book as a gift and will be ordering another one for Christmas!
Jeff’s stories are like a delicious well made pot roast, it’s like one of those meals that fillls you up and because you enjoyed it so much, you want to read it again the next day. ”


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